A coalition of activists working for the legalization of cannabis in Vermont
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Donate a Dollar for Pot!
Help the Vermont Cannabis Coalition raise the much needed funds
to spread the truth about marijuana prohibition.
Your one dollar donation will help the VCC challenge government propaganda.
In 2004, the VCC was at the forefront working for change...

Sponsored the Global Marijuana March!
Worked with VT Norml & the Marijuana Policy Project on getting
the Medical Marijuana bill passed!
Organized a Summer Recruitment Reach-Out
(June-Sep.) on Burlington's Church St. marketplace!
Sponsored two public screenings of the documentary,
The Hemp Revolution, at the Firehouse Gallery!
Sponsored a speaker event with retired police captain
Peter Christ at the Burlington Unitarian church!

The one dollar deadline is February 1st!
or send to:
Vermont Cannabis Coalition
42 Conger Ave. #6
Burlington, VT 05401
The Global Marijuana March
Saturday, May 7th 1-6pm
Details to be announced in April, 2005
Burlington City Hall Park

The Vermont Cannabis Coalition (VCC) was created in 2000 by Denny Lane as a continuing vehicle in which to advocate and demonstrate for the end of cannabis prohibition. Founder Denny Lane has been on numerous nationally syndicated radio shows and interviewed by all the Vermont TV networks. In 1994, Denny Lane founded the Vermont Grassroots Party (VGP) and co-founded the Cannabis Cable Network (CCN) on Adelphia Cable Channel 15. The VCC's efforts to hasten the end of prohibition have taken many positive forms intended to educate and activate the public and to put sustained pressure on Vermont's elected officials to pass pro-marijuana legislation. The VCC works closely with the Marijuana Policy Project, NORML, and other activist groups that believe in ending the failed drug war and marijuana prohibition. The VCC is the sole sponsor of Vermont's Global Marijuana March on the 1st Saturday of every May at Burlington City Hall Park. The Global Marijuana March, formally known as the Million Marijuana March, has been going on for approximately thirty years. It is an international event that simultaneously takes place in over 250 cities and over 25 countries!
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